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Black Clover Chapter 356 Review - The stakes are raised with two captains' fates uncertain just two chapters after returning to Clover. It's always exciting to see what Yuno has up his sleeve, especially when he wraps one of his arms for a power boost. However, the quick defeat of the captains is worrisome and raises concerns about a repeat of the previous arc. William's lack of a proper fight is disappointing, and his magic remains a mystery. On the other hand, Yuno's power up is intriguing. His bandaged hand reminds us of Natsu and suggests that he may have been storing power for the past year and a half. It's also satisfying to see Yuno's moment to shine and show the kingdom his abilities, with a great panel depicting him breaking the news to the church family. The significance of the bandage is still unclear, but it may indicate that Yuno has stored mana in that arm, fused with Bell, or trained in Elysia and gained an elf arm. With Yuno's star magic, we can expect to see multiple Hasta spells and a massive increase in Flagellum size. He'll likely utilize conjunction to teleport all over the battlefield. Overall, the anticipation for Yuno's performance is high.

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Start reading Black Clover 356 in this black clover manga blog. This is Black Clover 356 manga chapter scans online. Black Clover 356 chapter can be read in this page and will be updated to bring you the anticipated scanlations on its release date. Lucius tells Yuno that he is indeed strong, but this won't be enough to stop them. The legless angels have the ultimate cheat skill; indestroyable by any amount or attribute of magic The other magic knights become full time NPCs as they keep saying no matter what magic attribute they use against these legless angels, they can't do anything about them En despairs a bit about how powerless they are, no matter if it's a magic knight or a noble... but he says they must fight anyway to protect the citizens. Sol also says they need to fight no matter what, and attacks with her Golem.

I figured Yuno should be able to play with the size of his star magic attacks and defends by adding more stars and arranging the star further apart to lengthen the spell. With all those stars he can use every one of his star magic spells at once and should be able to create duplicates of them (mana zone ). Instead of the shield defending he could have attacked that area he covered by sending beams from his stars individually if a situation called for it . I also wonder if he would try to use the shields offensively by hitting opponents with it . I’m curious about what’s going with his arm and all and bell has missing for awhile now . It would be cool if Yuno took all his mini stars and made one huge star. I really hope this isn’t gonna be the last of William and Jack when it comes to fighting on judgement day . I’m not really a big fan of how William is getting treated when it comes to fights . We can’t really ever see him properly fight like that .